9 Great Vibes Links I Love

Embracing our brand and loving our content. 

We took a nice little July 4th vacay, not posting anything new last week, in an effort to sort through some life changes happening around here. To mindfully bring ourselves back to work mode, we wanted this week to be filled with all things mental health. I think one of the best things you can do for yourself is to take inventory of all the great work you've done and be proud of those achievements, no matter how small or far away. To demonstrate this on our end, these nine links we love are a curation of some of our favorite posts on The Guide. Check out the nine GVG content links we still really love ...  
1. Going on a date any time soon? Get the Dating 101
2. Brunch in bed with The Best Bloody Mary Recipe.
3. Feeling the stress? Unwind in 19 seconds
4. Cheers to green drinks and your health. 
5. Go shopping with this Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Treat yourself.  

6. Honestly, our favorite post: healthy snacks for the office
7. Introduce someone the right way. 
8. Walk with confidence: these heels are a must-buy. 
9. It's summer, say 'cheers!' with a watermelon champagne cocktail

Happy Hump Day! Xx.

9 DIY Links I Love

We're craving some Netflix and DIY time. 

We've been here, there, and everywhere this month, and we're craving a little DIY stress break. Emily gets back into town tonight, but only for half a day, so we're hoping to squeeze in some serious downtime and refresh, maybe a face mask and glass of white wine (or champagne, duh). Check out the nine links below leaving us with serious DIY feels...  
1. Make me this linen jumpsuit please. 
2. A breakfast tray is kind of all we want right now.
3. So into how calming this watercolor would be. Just print, paint, frame. 
4. Pom Poms are in. Here's how to DIY them onto your dining room table
5. Sparkling sangria. Make it, and you'll have done a DIY. Call it a night. 
6. More pom poms. I don't think anyone minds them in pillow form
7. These rings: *heart eye emoji*xinfinity. 
8. Thinking of alllll the patterns I could draw up on this blanket
9. Sugar scrub me please.  

Hope you have a relaxing Wednesday. Xx. 

9 Interview and Work Related Links I Love

Annnd we're off. 


Emily is in NY this week on an exciting adventure, which we can't wait to share in a couple weeks. This week's links are very "business oriented" and hopefully help any recent grads or workaholics out there. While we have been linking a lot to interview questions and work email etiquette in posts past, we figured a more focused list would be nice to refer to at a later date. Check out the nine links below we love for all things work-related and interview...  
1. A CEO's tips on landing the job.
2. An interesting analysis why creative people see the world differently.
3. How to build mental toughness.
4. Ten highly successful people on how to negotiate a raise
5. Science has determined there is a way to be more likable
6. Questions to upgrade your small talk skills
7. The most disgusting place on an airplane. 
8. Do you need a new job to get a raise?
9. Tips on owning the room

Much success in all of your careers and jobs hunts! Xx. 

Links I Love

It's already Wednesday?! Oy vey. Xx. 

It's quite the week when you all but blinked Sunday night, and it's already Wednesday. Plus, there's nothing like having a ton of work, a fun weekend planned, and an intense trip coming up that makes time fly. To remind ourselves to take a breath every now and then, we curated nine of our favorite articles this week ... 

1. How making your own cold brew is affordable and easy. 

2. The best psychological thrillers to watch on Netflix. 

3. 'Don't light my expensive candles.' I laughed over how much I relate to her sentiments. 

4. For those who work alone, here's how to stay sane

5. The 25 best films of the 21st century so far. What do you think? 

6. How to write a work email. Once and for all. Plus, I just bought her book, and it's amazing. 

7. These sweet potato sushi burritos give me life.

8. How to plan a girls day

9. I definitely want this for my travels next week. 

Have a lovely rest of your week! Xx. 

Links I Love

Happy Hump Day! Xx. 

June 6, 2017.png

Last week we posted a link on making the weekend last longer, and it really stuck with us. If you want your life to feel like you really, really live, pack it with fun, new activities. We're filling our weekend and evening calendars, so our summer feels as long as possible. It also certainly doesn't hurt having tons of great memories and inspiration after discovering new places. Last night, we started a new collaboration to debut this month, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Our week definitely feels longer when crafts and martinis are involved. Yes, please, to all the DIY's (wink, wink, hint, hint). We rounded up nine pieces from around the web, which caught Em's eye while she was slowing down time, so grab a cup of coffee (or a martini) and have a read...  

1. Hilarious step-by-step instructions to eating pizza.  

2. What people who use Tinder have in common. 

3. Lauren Conrad's gender-reveal announcement was exactly what we needed. 

4. This article on Rihanna's game at the Cavs NBA Finals made me laugh. 

5. Have you heard of Poppy?

6. He's just 'keeping an eye on it'. Super casual with a tornado approaching. 

7. Avocado Pizza. I repeat. Avocado Pizza. 

8. Sidelined with a devastating injury but comes back with a no-hitter game. Inspiration. 

9. The Most Underrated Shows we need to watch. 

Have a lovely day! Xx.