An Honest Conversation

We're tired of not being honest. 

This is a new series on The Guide, An Honest Conversation, where we talk about things we've been dying to express our opinion on for far too long. It might be topics of relationships (i.e. sex, unhealthy behavior, etc.) or personal matters (i.e. feeling like a failure, getting out of sync, etc.) or some plain, interesting ideas (i.e. how do you leave a party, where do you want to travel (or not), etc.). It's all about saying a little more than you might at a cocktail party and actually having a damn opinion.

Up first? Unhealthy relationships. Set to debut last week around V-Day, we wanted to break the stigma around staying in sucky relationships. Sometimes it's out of necessity, sometimes you've already packed up and left, and sometimes it's so messy, you don't know which way is up. Three women, three perspectives, three totally different experiences. We'll be popping them up throughout the week, but you can check in on this page to read them all (and all of our later conversations as well). 

Enjoy! Xx. 

This Just In: Tacos

It was love at first bite. 

There's something about tacos I just love. I mean looooove. And it comes as a surprise to no one. They were one of the first things I could still eat after my allergies led me to the gf, v life, and they continue to be one of my celebratory meals alongside a well-made margarita over ice. It's silly, but I find the process of eating with my hands so childlike and fun, going out for tacos with my best friends always seems to lift my spirits. After finding a Taco cookbook this morning I almost 1-clicked to purchase, I couldn't help but pull together some of my favorite taco things on the market right now: 


Go pick up a pair of smoking slippers at Forever 21 and iron this patch on the left shoe and a taco one on the right ... 

I need this party banner in my life. 

Simple and perfect for casual days and messy hair, I bought this hat on Sunday.


V-Day is right around the corner and this is perfect card inspiration

Oh stahhhhhp it. Del is for sure getting this bandana

+ Do you love Tacos? What's your favorite 'trend' food right now?

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Gifts for the women in your life. 

It is no secret that Valentine's Day is/can feel like a commercial holiday meant to boost sales of all things lovey dovey and Hallmark. I agree with this to an extent, but I think a lot of wonderful dates with S.O.'s and best friends have popped up as a result. While I've deviated from wanting a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates (and maybe a teddy bear and conversation hearts), I definitely have developed a desire for quality time and cherished memories. Sometimes, those sweet times are sparked by a little party or thoughtful gift, so I've curated a collection of things I'm considering gifting this Galentine's Day that might inspire your V-Day shopping plans: 

1. A feminine candle. 
2. A pretty baseball cap for casual days and dirty hair. 
3. A handwritten character necklace. 
4. XOXO balloons.
5. Face masks for your five fave gals on Galentine's Day. 
6. This light-hearted water bottle. 
7. A fun pin for baseball caps or backpacks. 
8. A pretty fold over clutch that makes a statement. 
9. Bath salts to relax in after a long day. 
10. An eye-mask with all the personality. (I actually just bought this Sunday).

+ What was your favorite? What are you doing this V-Day?

Weekend Snapshot 2.6.17

Aaand it's Monday again. 

It was a pretty fun weekend over here on The Guide. Shelby had her hair dyed with a nod to our fave unicorn (loveee). I saw Georgia Tech lose to Wake Forest after winning a free pizza during a dance off near the half, and then went to a Lee Brice and Justin Moore concert (country feels). And Sunday was for extra sushi, getting back to the yoga vibes, and the big game we've been counting down towards...

In an unprecedented close of a 19-point lead, the Patriots beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl LI, and the 2017 game became one of the most exciting ones in a long a** time. I wonder how many Tom Brady jerseys were bought last night? You can catch the seven best (and worst) Super Bowl commercials from The Verge here

Fun things you should know? Five ways to to use avocado for something other than guac; why sports writers aren't 'sticking to sports' anymore (and it's a good thing); and why kids might gain more satisfaction from pets than their own siblings. 

1. A jam-packed Saturday with my favorite people. 
2. Hard cider and popcorn during the Superbowl.
3. My new sleep mask. Bless. 

This week we're going puppy searching; mastering the art of sugar cubes; and getting ahead - or at least on track - in some work (boring but necessary). 

+ How was your weekend? What are you up to this week?