Friday Finds ~ 8.22.14

Happy Happy Friday Loves!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the changes and shifts to A Beautiful Recovery… a lot of fun things are coming around the corner!

I’ve been at school since Sunday, being part of an amazing organization that works to prevent sexual assault and rape on campus. We have been planning First-Year orientation programs, and between all the running around, I’ve been working on some awesome stuff for all of you, my health coach training, and getting unpacked. The room definitely feels like home with some little things and pictures added. Thank goodness.

What exciting things have you been up to this summer/week? Comment below…

Here are some links to get you motivated for the weekend … Party Party Party!

Beautiful and easy peach sorbet.

Probably the best brunch party idea in existence.

An awesome, vegan couture line with the best T-shirts and sweatshirts ever. ever.

I started this trend before it was cool: One Earring. Hello awkward middle school years.

Wool Dryer Balls … you mean I wouldn’t have to buy dryer sheets ever again?

Because as summer winds down and we’re committed to classes or desks, we still want to travel, even if it’s only vicariously.

Find anything else worth mentioning? Comment below …


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