Let the Wild Rumpus Start || 11.17.14


|| Let the Wild Rumpus Start ||

Today marks the 8 day count until I'm heading in a fancy car to the airport to kick off the holidays. Just 8 days, a to-do list that rivals any honey-do list out there, and a desire to not become a recluse. It's all going to happen with optimism and laughter at the problems that arise and hope that I remain sane. With only a little over a week until Thanksgiving, how are you all holding up? Have you felt the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Next week I'll be posting some quick holiday survival tips, just a little cheat sheet, so you can truly enjoy the season rather than obsess. Are you busy right now, too? I find that all of my classes front load work so there isn't as much our last week before finals when we return from Turkey Day. Let the countdown begin!

||Challenge|| Now more than ever is our time to be grateful, so I thought that each day this week and next, we could all write down, think aloud, or imagine the beautiful facets of our lives for which we can give thanks. I'd love it if you would share with me some of your thoughts.
I'd love to hear how you all are doing. Are you up for the gratitude challenge? How was everyone's weekend?


I am grateful for sleeping in and no longer feeling guilty. I am grateful for roommates who make time to say hello. I am grateful for Skype that never keeps My Marsha too far away. I am grateful for my dog, Delilah, who knows how to weather any storm. I am grateful for friends who encourage me to try new things. I am grateful for spending the holidays season with loved ones. I am grateful for rain, because it makes me appreciate the sun all the more. I am grateful for my readers, because I'm only encouraged by your presence and good vibes. I am grateful for life, love, and happiness.

What are you grateful for?


[Kula Graduation by Tree Bird Photo]