Holiday Gift Guide :: for the host & hostess who throw the best parties and always make you feel like you're a part of the family


A timeless wood and marble cutting board.
Perfect for all the stinky cheese & yummy crackers.


A basket with a wonderful story.
Give it just as is or with yummy treats like cheese or chocolate.

Personalized stationary and calling cards for notes & reminders.
Especially lovely if this is a newly married couple.


For a little quirk & holiday entertainment, bring a game
the whole gang can enjoy. Gotta love a oiuja board.


Along with a bottle of wine, bring these fantastic wooden bottle stoppers.


Speaking of wine, how about this awesome opener?
It uncorks a bottle of wine in three seconds. (or you can go for a classic).


Perhaps my very favorite host/hostess gift is a loaf of bread (or muffins or crescent rolls).
With nut butter, jam or jelly, and a little container of ground coffee,
it makes for a dreamy, lazy morning & breakfast post-entertaining. So thoughtful.


A candle makes for a perfect, inexpensive gift.
I bet this scent is incredibly nostalgic.

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