Holiday Gift Guide :: for your sister-in-law with fashion flair, the patience to deal with your annoying brother as her husband, and a heart and soul as beautiful as Audrey Hepburn's

She might be far away, but if you get matching disco balls, you can still have dance parties.

A blanket scarf that keeps her warm and softens the pain is the next best thing to a hug.


A brain game she can play no matter what the day brings with her husband who used to rock at it.

An aromatherapy candle which looks pretty, smells nice, and helps with pain and inflammation.


With her heart in Paris, this graphic novel is a non-exhausting read.

A pretty print to serve as a daily reminder.


A handmade pie from PieGram delivered,
because pie is great, and this way she won't have to add it to her holiday to-do list.

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