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Is it just me or did time warp, and now it's going 1000 mph? I'm sure all of us are busy and blurry as we hit the shortest month of the year. Just keep those yearly intentions a go go going. I added back into my life oil pulling and am preparing myself for meditation as my February resolutions -- keeping in mind my spontaneity resolution of January. How are yours going? Have you hit February and lost your drive and passion? If you're ready to kick it back up again and beat those energy slumps, self-sabotaging thoughts, and diet fads to the curb, consider working with me -- we'll get you right back on track. Otherwise, content yourself with this week's nutritional excitement of one of my favorite foods -- beets! I'm so glad you're all checking in and getting just as excited as I am over nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness. Really makes a girl's heart swoon -- this girl that is. I'll be spending the weekend making up a big batch of recipe surprise, catching up on work, some studying, and watching my new favorite (soon to be all-watched) series: The Paradise. Love it. Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday!

What are you up to this weekend? Watching the game?


So I guess bandage dresses are okay since one saved a woman's life and all.

Oh the puppies of wintertime. Cue the adorable giggles. You know you will.

Superbowl ads of 2015 -- what was your favorite?

A beautiful beat on aging.

Love these tips on getting the most out of your studio workout.

With vegan cheese? A platter fit for Queens.

A gift idea for a certain someone's birthday coming up.

Even though my schedule is very wacky lately, I'm loving these 8 tricks to make yourself wake up earlier.

Love this for crafting your brand. It's the cards against humanity for Suits.

These Valentine’s Day craft ideas are perfection

Homemade tea bags for the love in your life – even if it’s just yourself.

Hair inspo: yes.

Enough already. Everybody can have a bikini body.

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