Best Holiday Spritzer

The easiest, festive drink around town. 

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It is no surprise I love champagne (exhibits A, B, and C). But what I love even more? Easy peasy cocktails that include champagne and take less than a minute to make. Because Thursdays are traditionally reserved for quick tips and weekly niceties, I wanted to up your hostess game and share my favorite holiday cocktail. 

This spritzer is light, slightly tart, and absolutely festive. It's easy to stock up on the essentials, cranberries and rosemary, without fearing they will go bad in the next hour. With these ingredients, you can create a gorgeous cocktail for drop-ins and soiree guests alike. 

Holiday Spritzer


+ champagne or prosecco (any kind will do)
+ 5-7 cranberries
+ 1-2 sprigs of rosemary
+ optional: a pinch or 1 teaspoon sweetener*


1. Optional: add 3 cranberries and sweetener of choice to your champagne glass and muddle.
2. Fill your glass with champagne.
3. Top with remaining cranberries and rosemary.
5. Serve, sip, & enjoy!


*I like to use organic, vegan sugar or brown rice syrup if I have it on hand. If this is too sweet, add more of your sweetener of choice.

If you would like this to be non-alcoholic, consider using sparkling water.

+ What's your favorite way to drink champagne?

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