3 Alternatives to Exercise this Fall

Because sometimes you don't want to HIIT it when the leaves change.

I have the most difficulty staying motivated and dedicated to my workout routine when the season changes, and it becomes chilly, snuggling weather. Rather than beat myself up about it, I normally turn to some alternative ways to boosting my heart rate and those wonderful endorphins. And while we don't count calories over here, these activities sure to burn some energy. Luckily all you need are your comfiest pants and maybe a yummy latte afterwards (no shame in the PSL game). Can I get a yasssss? 

1. Take a walk or hike.

Not an arms-pumping pace but a leisurely stroll under the orange tipped trees. Maybe pick up some fallen leaves or snap a picture of how small you are compared to the tall branches above you. My favorite part is that edge between feeling lost in your own private world and really being just off the usual path. Grab a friend to catch up and enjoy the scenery with or walk alone and leave your phone on silent, so you can truly get caught up in nature. 

2. Dance like wild. 

Hurricane Matthew is blowing up the East coast, so maybe you won't be able to even leave the house this weekend. In that case, I recommend throwing on some good music, escaping to your favorite room in the house, and putting a little pep in your step. Whether you're dancing like Kerry Washington and Scott Foley in Scandal to Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing or like Beyoncé in Single Ladies, move your booty and enjoy yourself. 

3. Clean clean clean. 

Coming from someone who generally likes to clean, I find this relaxing and a good sweat sesh (vacuums are heavy, man!). Since it's time to warm the house up and stay in more, enjoy where you live and clean up a little. Your body will be all the good kinds of sore, and you can wake up to fresh smelling sheets and clean floors. Treat yourself to a candle afterwards and make your home even cozier! 


+How do you fit in exercise when the weather cools down?  

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