5 Great Champagne Cocktails

Bubbly to celebrate the little things. 

It's been a pretty long week over here, as I am sure it has been for some of you out there, too. A few months ago, I wrote about how to celebrate the every day. Part of that includes always having a bottle of champagne on hand to make the little moments sparkly. Pulled straight from that post: "Champagne for me reflects the mood I seek in times of frustration or celebration; it is bubbly, different, and classy." In honor of turning this week around, I've rounded up five great champagne cocktails below ... 

Such a gorgeous St. Germain Rosé Cocktail

This Strawberry Basil Spritz from Emily Schuman's Farmers' Market Brunch. 

The Lavender French 75. An F. Scott Fitzgerald classic with a twist.  

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