A Fun Entertaining Tip

Three things I always have on hand for a last minute party. 

I have a habit of inviting people back to my place to toast someone's promotion, to celebrate a birthday, or just when I want to liven up an exhausting or not so great day. Because of this, I always keep a few things on hand to make sure my guests are relaxed and in the party mood, and I don't have to do any last minute running around. I've already talked previously here on keeping my house party ready, so in those 10 minutes, I know I can have all of my essentials chilling or defrosting for what is going to be a great time. Without further ado, here are my three party essentials for the best impromptu celebration...

1. Champagne. Would this really be a Great Vibes party tip without champagne? Of course not. Here's why: nothing says quintessential party like popping a bottle of champagne and toasting each other in pretty glasses. It's classic and simple. I always keep one chilling in the refrigerator and one nearby to cool down quickly if the party is larger than I expected or goes longer than originally planned. 

2. Vanilla Ice Cream. Vanilla ice cream creates an excellent base to stir in anything you have on hand in your cabinet, like sprinkles or chocolate chips or caramel sauce. Serve it up in small ramekins or big bowls depending on the tone of the get together. My favorite is to pull out all the mini bowls I have (I love bowls, so I have a collection), do one scoop of vanilla with lemon zest and top it with chocolate chips. It looks pretty, tastes delicious, and is super super easy to make. 

3. Frozen Waffles. Stay with me here. These are the newest addition to my party arsenal, and oh my goodness, what a game changer. Aside from throwing an Eleven vibe, these help make a party really lighthearted and fun. They heat up super easily in the oven while the ice cream is defrosting on the counter, and you're popping the cork on that bottle of champagne. While yes, serving them the traditional way with maple syrup is delicious, they also are excellent quartered and used to make ice cream sandwiches with the aforementioned essential.

The next morning, have yourself a Bloody Mary beside a waffle topped with a fried egg to feel like you're living your best life without breaking the bank at brunch or having to do too much work (I recommend the Bloody Mary mix from Whole Foods - not expensive, great ingredients, delicious beyond belief).  

Cheers to a summer of fun! Xx. 

+ what's your go-to entertaining essentials?