A Note on my Absence

I'm pretty sure we don't talk nearly enough about exhaustion like it's something real. Not the simple I've-been-up-all-night exhaustion, but the kind that seeps into your bones, makes you unable to leave your bed for weeks, depression kind of exhaustion.

When we started talking about unhealthy relationships, I realized the unhealthy relationship I was having at the time was with myself -- I was living for everyone else but myself, and even the days I checked in to see what I needed, I just couldn't make myself happy. The last 18 months, I've seen death and tragedy, lives turned upside down, big dreams lost, and I was having trouble identifying all the little facets that make me, me. 

Luckily, this is still the perfect space for me. It commands sparkles and champagne where there is something worthy of celebration (like getting out of bed or drinking a glass of water - hey, it's the little things) and pastel pink in a world of dark. The Great Vibes Guide is truly a guide to Great Vibes and all the ways that we as humans can tune out the negative self-talk, anxiety, and fear, and find a little bit of cheers. I'm so happy to be home again in my little space on the web, and thrilled that you've stuck around. 

Cheers to Great Vibes! XxEm