An Honest Conversation

We're tired of not being honest. 

This is a new series on The Guide, An Honest Conversation, where we talk about things we've been dying to express our opinion on for far too long. It might be topics of relationships (i.e. sex, unhealthy behavior, etc.) or personal matters (i.e. feeling like a failure, getting out of sync, etc.) or some plain, interesting ideas (i.e. how do you leave a party, where do you want to travel (or not), etc.). It's all about saying a little more than you might at a cocktail party and actually having a damn opinion.

Up first? Unhealthy relationships. Set to debut last week around V-Day, we wanted to break the stigma around staying in sucky relationships. Sometimes it's out of necessity, sometimes you've already packed up and left, and sometimes it's so messy, you don't know which way is up. Three women, three perspectives, three totally different experiences. We'll be popping them up throughout the week, but you can check in on this page to read them all (and all of our later conversations as well). 

Enjoy! Xx.