Book Club :: Elizabeth Gilbert's, Big Magic Part Four - Persistence

 cover photo of big magic by elizabeth gilbert

cover photo of big magic by elizabeth gilbert

Today we are getting into Big Magic's fourth part, Persistence, and I'm really excited to hear your thoughts. What do you think about showing up for your craft? How do you tell it you're here to stay?

I think it can be really scary to be strong and to have passions and to go against the grain. Almost like mediocrity is the new normal, so is it even okay to want more? Where did wanting more almost make you less than or gossiped about? I think society likes us when we are stressed and anxious but has no idea how to handle us when we are brave and daring? How can you be more brave and daring?

What do you want to talk about?? Hop down to the comments and give it a whirl -- no thought too big, small, unwanted (within reason), or otherwise!

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For March 4th let's read Part V. Xx.

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