Book Club: Lindy West's Shrill Pt. II

We're chatting about Lindy West's up-front honesty. 

This book is doing a lot for women everywhere. 

There is a fabulous article on Slate praising West as "she attacks entrenched sexism with skilled polemic". West has such an articulate voice in defending women and their choices. She unapologetically questions others who get in the way of women, and I couldn't be more happy to have her as a role model to young women and girls. 

Here on The Guide, we celebrate the every woman in whatever body, lifestyle, career, or love she chooses. Reading Shrill seems to embolden us even further to draw attention to the controversies we see in our lives and then call out the unfair societal expectations that accompany them. Whether it surrounds abortion, periods, fat-shaming, love, or anything else (so everything else) women are criticized about, West has broken it down and shared her opinion. 

What do you think? Do you like how strong her voice is in this work? Or do you think it's a little too forward? Let's discuss in the comments below.  

For next time (August 8th), finish it up! 

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