Book Club :: Mindy Kaling's, Why Not Me?


Update:: Part One |

Hey all, it's Emily here! I've been thinking about doing a virtual book club for a long while, and after receiving a particularly good read for my birthday, I thought we'd give it a go! I want to read slowly - none of this read-the-whole-book-in-a-week club where you never have enough time, nor do you actually want to read it that fast, and it ends up being a hopeless discussion that bores everyone to tears. Heck no! I think the best part is how I plan to loosely define 'book' -- books, articles, documentaries, movies, the sky's the limit on what we can check out and discuss! 

To kick it all off, I thought we could start with Mindy Kaling's newest novel, Why Not Me?

Something lighthearted to celebrate my birthday and keep the stress levels low. I read her first book a year or so ago, and it was fabulous. I laughed, I teared up, and I learned some valuable advice from a sassy woman who knows her place in the world and is determined to go after it all. If that isn't Great Vibes, I don't know what is. Snag the book on the right, and we'll kick off the book club by reading the section titled "For the Ladies". It's a fast read and we'll meet back here next Friday (the 13th) & chat about it over virtual coffee and cake. Can't wait! Xx.

+ I'm curious. What do you think about a book club? Have you ever done one in the past? If you start it, do you think you'll finish it?

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