Book Club :: Mindy Kaling's, Why Not Me? Part One - For the Ladies

Welcome to The Great Vibes Guide's first Book Club!

It makes me (Emily, here!) extremely happy to have a virtual space where we can stay up to date on new books, documentaries, short stories, poignant articles, and other literary and media finds to keep us filled with Great Vibes and less, well, boring. Isn't it always more interesting to have someone bring up a fascinating article they recently read rather than the image they scrolled across in Facebook? I think so. Let's get started, shall we?

By now we're about 65 pages into Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? and I don't know about you, but I'm loving it. (side note:: still haven't grabbed the book but want to join the fun? Buy it here. seriously. do it.) I appreciate her honest and open voice, her unapologetic nature, and her ability to call out social norms that have gotten the best of us all at one point or another. It's fun to relax and be a part of a conversation; she comes across like the best friend sitting at the other end of the couch sipping wine and bitching about her day at work or the drama of the moment. It's not stressful or monotonous but companionable and fun.

Reading this book is easy, but she calls attention to a lot of important issues I thought we could touch on today. Use the questions provided as jumping off points or share something you found interesting and worth chatting about. Whether you've read the whole section or just the first couple pages, I want you to chime in, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Question Time

First of All, Pace::

+ Was this too much to read in such a short time? Shall we keep the pace the same or slow it down for next time?

Hello Again::

+ Did you read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)?

+ What did you think of her couldn't-care-less approach to others' opinions of her? I'm a big fan of the phrase 'give less f***s' to keep my expectations in check and make sure that I'm rocking my authenticity at 100%.

How to Look Spectacular: A Starlet's Confession::

+ Do you think it's productive to draw attention to the media's obsession of the perfect appearance, or do you think it only fuels the fire?

+ What are some ways media could change for the better in regards to modeling men and women?

Some Thoughts on Weddings::

+ Do you like weddings? Are you the person who had/has the details all ready and waiting for the groom or bride?

+ I really appreciate her spotlight on the best "best friend" days (p.26). Do you feel similarly to friends you still call best friends but who might not be as present in everyday life as they once were?

Mindy Kaling, Sorority Girl::

+ What are your thoughts on her experience with Sigma Delt and being "deemed" something?

+ She ends her relationship with Sigma Delt via email. Ever ended/had someone end a relationship or organization via technology?

(Minor) Fame Has Changed Me::

+ On page 48, Kaling writes, "I wish I had always acted like I was a little bit famous". Based on the things she can and cannot do now that she is famous, what do you think she meant?

+ Should we all act a little bit famous?

+ How might you change if you were famous?

Things to Bring to My Dinner Party::

+ I find this chapter hilarious, because I'm always envisioning elaborate and beautiful dinner parties for when I'm older and have more money. What was your favorite item listed? I loved, "an enormous vintage diamond engagement ring you are giving me because you are going to announce at dinner that I am yours".

+ What non-food item would you have guests bring?


+ She talks a little about words like "BFF" and "girl crush" on page 59. Did you ever do something similarly over a phrase you later used or still use shamelessly?

+ Ever had a there-one-moment-gone-the-next friend or lover? Gossip to your hearts content.

Any other thoughts?

That's all of the questions I have to spark conversation for now... Hop down to the comments and give it a whirl -- no thought too big, small, unwanted (within reason), or otherwise!

Still haven't grabbed the book but after reading the great questions about to be talked about want to join in the fun? Buy it here.

+ I'm curious. What do you think about a book club? Have you ever done one in the past? If you start it, do you think you'll finish it?

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