Book Club :: Mindy Kaling's, Why Not Me? Part Two - Take This Job And Love It


Today we're delving into the next section of Mindy Kaling's second novel, Why Not Me? This part is all about her career, her wanting and demanding more, and all of the questions that come with following your passions. Did you relate at all?

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For December 18th :: Love, Dating, And Boys Who Ru(i)n the World  - Soup Snakes is my favorite of this entire section ;)

Question Time

How to Get Your Own TV Show (and Nearly Die of Anxiety)::

+ Have you ever grown restless with or felt stuck in your job?

+ Do you think Mindy Kaling was ungrateful to wonder what more there could be for her? Or complacent if she hadn't?

Mindy Lahiri, MD, Everygirl, Mild Sociopath::

+ I thought the comparison between her and Mindy Lahiri was hilarious. Especially "see food poisoning as an opportunity to springboard into a new exercise regimen".
Did anything on those lists spark you as funny, thought provoking, or curious?

On Being a Mentor, by Greg Daniels::

+ During my senior year of high school, I spoke on the benefits of mentoring and have been fortunate to have some incredible mentors over the years.
What does being a mentor mean to you? 

+ Daniels mentions having children as the main reason for becoming a mentor. For all of the Moms & Dads reading this, did you experience something similar? Are you more patient with those learning in your workplace or just life in general? Are you more willing to impart your knowledge?

I Love Sex Scenes! ::

+ I think her quote, "Sex scenes are the tits. You're welcome." just about summed up this section. It seems tv shows, advertisements, movies - and just about everywhere else - fuels the mentality that sex sells.
How do you feel about sex in the media?

+ Getting personal, what do you think it would be like to make a sex scene for a tv show or movie? I think actresses and actors are quite brave!

Coming This Fall::

+ I'm definitely guilty of watching the types of shows she describes.
How about you? Any description you liked best?

A Day in the Life of Mindy Kaling::

+ Initially, I couldn't help but be exhausted by her daily life. Then I realized she is doing what she loves (and I have very similar hours - gasp!!!).  Even when the hours are long and tough, there's something so satisfying about putting together a piece of your soul for the public.
Do you have a passion like this?

Bad Sport::

+ I'll admit I'm a closet bad sport. I'll deny it if anyone brings it up, but I do love to win. It makes me feel all glowy and strong inside.
Are you a bad sport?

+ I was in awe of how poised and in control she was during the nominations. I loved reading this section and knowing the behind-the-scenes of that moment.
What do you do when you're trying to put on a brave face?

Any other thoughts?

That's all of the questions I have to spark conversation for now... Hop down to the comments and give it a whirl -- no thought too big, small, unwanted (within reason), or otherwise! Remember, the first person to comment gets a FREE copy of our next book.

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