Fall To-Do List

It's my favorite season, and it's about to be great. 

There is almost nothing else I love more than fall. It's my birthday season, contains my favorite holiday, and is filled with the most beautiful cool mornings and sunny days. When fall rolls around, the winds are a bit chillier, and the moments are sweet as they kick off the holiday celebrations, and remind us of turning inward and slowing down. For me, fall has always been a time to cozy up and unwind -- plus I love sweater weather, so the earlier, the better, really. Last fall I spent a lot of time wishing I were elsewhere, so this season I would really like to discover things I love about where I am now, make fun memories with friends, enjoy my favorite candy, and remind myself of what is truly important. 

Here's what I would like to cross off my list by the time the last orange leaf falls ... 

Make a fun, seasonal treat
with activated charcoal. 

Queue up my favorite Halloween movies
like Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus.

Purchase a great leather jacket.

Go to a vineyard to celebrate
life and great friends.

Have at least one day of doing
absolutely nothing of importance.

Curate tried and true soup recipes.

Go for a long walk in nature,
and collect a few bright orange leaves.

Surround myself with people I love
for a Halloween and birthday celebration.

Read one new-to-me book
simply for the pleasure of reading.

Have warm apple cider
with spice cake cookies.

Pick pumpkins, and
paint funny puns on them.

+ What are your plans this season? 

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