February is for Goal Setting

Why Emily waited until February to set her 2017 goals. 

It still blows my mind that we're in 2017. I feel a little stuck in all of the grief and endings of 2016. Losing my grandfather and then later my secret keeper and dear friend, transitioning out of my family home, and figuring out what I really needed in 2017 has been an emotional weight that hasn't lightened. I've been struggling to set intentions, because the magic of setting them seemed to have disappeared.

I didn't start 2017 with the same inspiration I'm normally struck by in the first few days of the year. January made me want to curl away from the sad news of our world becoming separated and seeing so many losing their faith in our country. Taking the month off of anything strenuous seemed like the best plan of all. The past 31 days have been less rejuvenating than I hoped, but as I wrote about in this post, sometimes you just have to plow forward, and kick your own butt into a higher gear.

Since it feels like so much was taken from my life last year, this year is all about adding the good stuff back in - in the form of badass friendships, self-care in abundance, varied workouts, juice cleanses (because I love them so much), and more. I'll be back at the end of the week with my goal list and my new inspiration board. But what are some of your goals? More importantly, how are you staying charged?