Five Great Workout Videos in 30 Minutes or Less

Sometimes you just need a quick sweat and go. 

One of the best tips I've ever heard/used is to schedule your workouts like appointments. And for the most part, I can stick with that when my routine is going my way. Except life doesn't always go the way ya want, am I right? If I wake up late, feel like reading a book instead of leaving the house, or lacing up my sneakers seems more improbable than hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro, I tend to turn to YouTube for some pretty great, 30-minute-or-less workout videos.  Below I've grabbed five of my favorites, from HIIT to Yoga, so you can fit a sweat session into even your busiest of days. Part of me always wants to be lazy, but I also love how my body feels when it's strong. Plus, exercise gives you those feel good endorphins, helps with blood circulation, and can be an excellent way to fight anxiety and stress. Read on for your next Great Vibes booster...  

+ Which one are you excited to start?  

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