Friday Find

Because miniature polaroids are the perfect way to capture the happiness of a trip. 

Polaroid cameras are clearly the 'it girl' accessory for great Instagram photos. You know which ones - the pink polaroid cameras in a 'what you'll find in my bag' post or a hand holding a polaroid of a fun party snapshot. Honestly, they had me pretty envious, and I almost bought one on Amazon about 12 different times.

In my recent trip to D.C. which I've talked about here and here, rather than buy the camera itself, I bought a printer, which hooks up to your iPhone via an app and allows you to print pictures you take that moment or ones from events past. While slightly more expensive, having the luxury to print them at a later time and still just take photos on my phone was all too appealing.

When I graduated, I printed a bunch of photos to keep my nostalgia at bay, and they make excellent tokens slid into thank you notes or birthday cards. It is very easy to access the app, and the printer itself is pretty enough that I keep it on my office desk next to a candle. All around, a fantastic find.   

Shop the Item Here: Fujifilm INSTAX Printer, $158.