Getting a Library Card

Yes, signing my name took me back to the very first card.

A couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be gifted an iPad, which has been integral to my busy lifestyle, but most importantly, it has been essential to my mental health for one reason: I've been reading more. 

While the allure of buying new books to read in the iBook app is strong,  it isn't practical or possible to spend twelve dollars (at least!!) on a book every couple of days. Introducing Overdrive, my latest happy place. It syncs with libraries all across the country for you to store your books in one place and read them like iBook reads. Queue the happy dance. All you need is an email and the number on the back of your library card (which you get for free at any public library), and you're golden.

I know it might sound silly, but it's just really nice to have something simple and readily accessible. I've been reading before bed instead of watching Netflix or Hulu, and my quality of sleep is better. Plus, I have some really interesting conversation starters now.

I'm currently obsessed with Fates and Furies (no surprise, as I've talked about it all week) and have The Girls, Men Explain Things to Me, and Maestra on hold.  

It's fun that all it took was a library card. 

+What are you reading?