How to Start Running Again

The best things take time, am I right? 

Anyone else feel like they have been trying to start running again but can't keep it up after a week? I ran a half marathon three years ago, and the training was rigorous and exhausting, but there was something satisfying about kicking up the endorphins and pushing through to the finish line. The first race I did was the Lululemon Seawheeze Half, and it was so fun, it's pretty much ruined all other races for me.

My mission lately is finding a way to fall in love with casual running; running I could pick up with friends or drop into my workout schedule or just know I could complete without a total meltdown (I can't be alone on this one, right?).

Here is the way I am easing back into running, because it's been too long ...

Start the first week running just one mile each time you go for a run. Each week or after 3-5 running sessions, add another mile to your total. It allows your body to ease into what can be a pretty stressful mental and physical situation. I'll do this until I hit four and then start playing around with my intensity and speed. 

+Are you going to start training with me? When will you start?

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