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Nine finds from around the web and a little note on tragedy.

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This week has been a doozy and the lives of so many in our country are suffering and in emotional turmoil. I believe we must rise together, speak our outrage, and demand better of our people and our public. What is happening right now is a tangled knot of suffering and how we unravel this and set it back down to prevent further knotting will be the most important action of our lives. How we stand together and move forward is not something we can ignore or refuse to deal with at this moment. We are one united now and always by love. 

To lighten up your Monday, here are nine things I loved from the weekend ...

1. Lunch at the office.  A tip and a trick to take you through summer. 

2. The 10 Best Modern Love Stories. 

3. A view into Obama's life after dark

4. How to air-dry hair without fuss or frizz. 

5. Stop the presses. There will soon be a museum of Ice Cream in NY. 

6. Twelve great summer sunglasses to amp your Great Vibes lifestyle. 

7. I just bought a new pair of shoes, and this comfortable heel guide is everything inspiring. 

8. DIY Pink Cushions. 

9. What to do with 36 hours in LA. 

Have a wonderful week. Xx. 

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