Links I Love

Nine links I loved this weekend. 

Today marks the start of a crazy, hectic week in preparation for InsideOTH, a One Tree Hill fan experience happening in Wilmington this weekend. To slow things down and celebrate the little things, I've brought together nine of my favorite finds from the weekend.

1. I really want to try this rosé in a can.  

2. What to pack for a wine-tasting weekend. 

3. This amazing article from Jennifer Aniston

4. How to make travel delays enjoyable.  (admittedly, I do one all the time)

5. A great summer party guide from the Old Time Pottery blog. 

6. Gorgeous protein truffles. 

7. Ten bachelorette party ideas that aren't tacky or cheesy. 

8. The benefits of sleeping nude. 

9. Twelve times a pink sofa made the room. LOVE this one. 

Enjoy your week! Xx. 

Up Later: How to Make Champagne Bubbly Again. 

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