Links I Love

Did you say your wabbits?

I can't believe it is already August. I feel like just yesterday I wrote my Summer To-Do List, and while I have definitely crossed some really fun items off that list, I'm just not ready for summer to be over. Before I move back to Winston-Salem in four weeks, I hope to spend more time savoring the intimate, fun parts rather than dwelling on the negative baggage. 

Here are nine links from the weekend I'm giving all the heart eye emojis to... 

1. This made me laugh out loud in Starbucks.  

2. Loving this funky clutch

3. A beginner's guide to watercolor. Time to slooooow down. 

4. These Michelle Obama DNC quotes speak to me on a deep level. 

5. Marie Kondo your diet? Thoughts?

6. What an amazing way to decorate with teal!

7. I've wanted to make this all summer. 

8. Obsessed with this jumpsuit. 

9. A great tip if you're online dating. 

Have the best week! Xx. 

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