Links I Love

But first, coffee. A lot of coffee. 

It's the 8th of August, deadlines are upon us, school is almost back in session, summer is winding down, but so much good is left to be squeezed out of these next few weeks. It's time for the Olympics and America being united in excitement rather than hatred. If you want basically live updates and recaps of my favorite Olympic games, connect with me on Social Media -- I'll try to keep it entertaining. 

Just a reminder to those applying to be Great Vibes Guide Interns: all applications must be in by August 19th; I'll be sending out responses the following week. Can't wait to read what everyone has to say and connect with my new team! Xx. 

Let's not wait any longer ... here are nine of my favorite links from around the web this weekend! 

1. Loving the looks from Wednesday and Friday. 

2. I recently changed my part from side to center, and WOW it makes a difference

3. Pretty in love with Simone Biles and this interactive article. 

4. Yasssss these diverse emojis are *fire emoji*X3 . 

5. I'm thinking black velvet for my quick and easy choker necklace

6. These Olympic women are stealing Rio. 

7. This wallpaper is amazing. I think it would be great in a small powder room with gold accents, no? 

8. This carpool karaoke had me feeling major FOMO. 

9. These popsicles. What. 

Cheers to another seven days of coffee, green juices, wine, & repeat! Xx. 

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