Links I Love

Nine links inspiring my new space ...

I have about two weeks before I move back to Winston-Salem, so I've been rethinking my whole interior design plan. Lately, muted patterns and fabrics with an emphasis on texture and an overall feel of styled comfort have captured my eye. Today I'm going shopping for pieces that are functional and represent my current style. My hope is they transition from Winston-Salem to my new home this winter without a hitch.

Today's links I love are spaces that inspire me as well as pieces I love...

1. My space is heavily inspired by this office

2. Such a gorgeous home with bold walls and muted accents. 

3. Loving the gallery wall. 

4. I'm looking for pillows galore today. These ones are great.

5. I'll definitely be working in a small space, so these offices are great.

6. I have my eyes on those blush towels.  

7. I like the look of these kinds of twinkle lights in a room.

8. This contact paper is perfect for the table I just bought.

9. This space has me drooling. 

Clearly I'm obsessed with "blush". Maybe because I blush constantly? Have a great week! Xx.

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