Links I Love

Nine links I'm loving from this weekend. 

I am finally all moved into my new space in Winston-Salem and loving it. I can't wait to unveil the photos and show you how I designed my new home for the next three and a half months. With deadlines looming and crazy projects on the horizons, I thought we'd keep it light with the posts I loved from around the web this weekend ... 

1. One of my greatest fears.

2. Never say this word to guests in your home. 

3. How to make the most of bad tomatoes.

4. The French are buffing up their sex ed talks. Love it! 

5. This is a great way to make "new" friends. 

6. A cool writing class.

7. A blackhead vacuum?!

8. What a great studio

9. Cutting out sugar. 

Have an amazing week! Xx.

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