Links I Love

Okay, it's time to get back into the swing of things with nine links I love ... 

These last couple weeks have been a total blur. I'm finally feeling more capable of getting tasks crossed off my list, and I'm ready to bring energy back to The Guide. We're starting this week off with nine links I love, and fun posts will be popping up as we go! How are you? Are you experiencing difficulty swinging into fall? 

Check out my new favorite nine ... 

1. The unexpected jobs that actually helped their careers the most. 

2. For my mom and nanny friends out there: how to end a tantrum.

3. Someone help me find the best vegan cheese to make this yum.

4. Literally how dogs drink water is one of my favorite fun facts.

5. How Obama's female staffers made sure they were heard. 

6. How to describe colors to friends who are blind. Cue the tears. 

7. Carrot coconut detox smoothie -- yum. 

8. Five funny shows to watch right now.  I'm excited to watch Difficult People. 

9. It's almost time to buy candy corn in bulk

Have a lovely week! Xx. 

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