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Travel Edition!

How did everyone fare from the hurricane this past weekend? I know some of my family was stranded without power until this morning (!) while others sailed through with just a few fallen leaves and branches. It's amazing how Mother Nature works, isn't it? This week kicks off several weekends of travel, so I thought it would be apt to share some great links detailing top tips and must-see places. I hope you enjoy! 

1. Thirty best travel tips. 

2. They say to book Thanksgiving flights, like a month ago. Here are 10 places you need to vacation for the holiday. 

3. Why parents should stop apologizing for bringing their kids on planes. 

4. Perfect sweater for long car rides or fall nights. 

5. How to plan a vacation. 

6. Best travel websites you haven't heard of yet.  

7. Cure travel anxiety with these awesome meditation apps. 

8. Check out these city guides for all of your must-go-to places and events. 

9. Pinterest travel looks and ways to minimize your carry-on load. 

Have a happy week, everyone! Xx.

P.S. Have you checked out The Great Vibes Travel Guide yet? It's a travel must-have with tips for on the plane, recipes for yummy snacks, and the perfect travel routine. 

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