Links I Love - Party Edition!

Fall is upon us. So is party season. Get psyched.

Despite my voice being lost and not being able to sing along at the top of my lungs to throwback 90s music, this past weekend was a Fall Lovers dream. I carved a heart-eye-emoji pumpkin, went to a winery with my best friend, and brunched like the best on Sunday. It was the kind of weekend that focuses solely on rejuvenating rather than catching up. I think you need these weekends so burning out and exhaustion doesn't happen.

Have you treated yourself to one of those lately? I challenge you to unplug or spend one day next weekend doing exactly what you want to do that doesn't involve mindlessly staring at a TV but doing what you truly enjoy.   

This week I'm getting my work done early, so I can travel back to Wilmington for the weekend for fun parties and wedding celebrations. These nine links are party inspired to rev up your energy and get you excited for the next soiree on your calendar. Enjoy!

1. An awesome eyelash curler to brighten up your look (and save you money on buying falsies).

2. Fun Facts: The difference between club soda, sparkling water, and seltzer. 

3. Conversation topics. 

4. Throwing your own party? This apple pie. OMG. 

5. Five-minute makeup routines. 

6. How to dress like TV's most stylish characters (necessary for the next party, so you don't have to say, ugh I have nothing to wear and no idea how to wear it). 

7. The best piece for pulled-together-professional-with-an-after-party-to-go-to-later look

8. These party shoes are everything. 

9. Party ideas and inspiration. 

Have a relaxing week! Xx.