Links I Love

Happy Hump Day! 

My short vacay is over (sad), and I'm headed back to Wilmington after this is posted. I touched on my entire emotions around this trip here, so it's safe to say it's bittersweet to leave. I know this new phase will be fun, and I'm so excited to be back on The Guide sharing some of the details. Buuuuut first, our favorite series is back with nine links I'm loving from around the web...

1. Eight tips for handling difficult situations and anxiety. 

2. These low tumblers are gorgeous, and surprisingly affordable.

3. How to feel confident in 10 minutes. 

4. Making friends at work the right way. 

5. I know I'm late to the game, but holy moly obsessed with this podcast. 

6. These pancakes. 

7. After yesterday's post, here's why you should be celebrating your success

8. All my favorite party finds. And a really cool company idea. 

9. I laughed at this title, but this was a fun and informative read. 

Have a great Wednesday! Xx.