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Happy Hump Day! Xx. 

June 6, 2017.png

Last week we posted a link on making the weekend last longer, and it really stuck with us. If you want your life to feel like you really, really live, pack it with fun, new activities. We're filling our weekend and evening calendars, so our summer feels as long as possible. It also certainly doesn't hurt having tons of great memories and inspiration after discovering new places. Last night, we started a new collaboration to debut this month, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Our week definitely feels longer when crafts and martinis are involved. Yes, please, to all the DIY's (wink, wink, hint, hint). We rounded up nine pieces from around the web, which caught Em's eye while she was slowing down time, so grab a cup of coffee (or a martini) and have a read...  

1. Hilarious step-by-step instructions to eating pizza.  

2. What people who use Tinder have in common. 

3. Lauren Conrad's gender-reveal announcement was exactly what we needed. 

4. This article on Rihanna's game at the Cavs NBA Finals made me laugh. 

5. Have you heard of Poppy?

6. He's just 'keeping an eye on it'. Super casual with a tornado approaching. 

7. Avocado Pizza. I repeat. Avocado Pizza. 

8. Sidelined with a devastating injury but comes back with a no-hitter game. Inspiration. 

9. The Most Underrated Shows we need to watch. 

Have a lovely day! Xx.