Links I Love

They're baaaaack! It's been a while since the last roundup -- in fact, we weren't even The Great Vibes Guide the last time they appeared. With renewed spark, we're bringing 'em back better than ever. Below you'll find my nine favorite links on the web from this past weekend. 

1. An amazing new podcast I can't get enough of: Awesome Etiquette

2. 23 ways to reward yourself that aren't food or shopping.  

3. Great book suggestions (read the comments!) for book club reads. 

4. Are you a side character in a movie? 

5. The seriously awesome style icon, Elin Kling.  

6. Whiten your clothes naturally. 

7. How to chat body positivity with yourself. 

8. Mini peanut butter banana pies that make me go oh my. 

9. One of my favorite cocktails of all time: the French 75. 

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