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Happy first day of Summer! Can you believe it's already time for long beach days, putting a little lime in the coconut, and warm afternoon rain showers? Can't wait. What are you most excited for this summer? To boost the fun, here are nine summer-inspired links to boost your Monday ... 

1. This summer's "it" flower and how to style it. 

2. Nine natural beauty products you need this summer.  

3. If you're going to the Bahamas, you could swim with piggies! 

4. Five rules for the perfect picnic. 

5. What it means to have the full moon on the summer solstice. 

6. Four places to buy swimsuits this summer. 

7. What will be the song of summer 2016?

8. On being a feminist (because when is feminism not in season?)

9. A healthy summer cocktail I'm going to have to try. 

Have a great week. Xx. 

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