Links I Love

It's finally summertime! So many fun things are coming to The Guide this summer; a summer of popsicles, great interviews of inspirational women, and some incredible cocktail recipes are headed your way over the next four months, and I can't wait to share them all with you. To start the week on a high note, here are my favorite nine links from the past weekend. 

1. A great post about outgrowing friends

2. I'm loving these DIY abstract art pieces

3. Great infographic on the shelf life of food

4. Four men, four incomes. Fascinating. 

5. This artist who repairs broken pottery using the 'kitsugi' technique

6. The office space of my botanical dreams. 

7. Delicious raw Pad Thai I can't wait to make.   

8. My new favorite way to say thank you. Looking for gf + v options! 

9. Eight awesome podcasts I'll be listening to all summer. 

Happy Monday! Xx. 

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