A Summer Polish - Self Care Habits

Thanks to this great 10 Minute nail tutorial I read a couple years ago, I've been saving money by painting my own nails at home. Not only does it force me to sit still and as a result, get a lot of work done, it's an act of self-care that is affordable and long-lasting. While I was on vacation, I grabbed a couple colors to spark the Great Vibes into my summertime chaos.

One of my new favorites is a white color called Coconut Cove by Essie. It has a 90s vibe of highlighter nails but with a fresh, modern take that doesn't feel at all childlike. It looks just as great with cutoffs as it does with a summer suit, and it is one of those colors that makes a statement without being a clashing color, perfect for both fingers and toes. Wearing this color makes me want to drink pina coladas on the beach and read a good book. 

+ What do you think? What's your favorite summer polish? 

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