This Just In: Mini Bags

Not the simple cross-body anymore. 

The first small bag I had that wasn't a tiny plastic one from my childhood was a teal, fake leather cross-body with a pretty clasp and gold chain. I picked up at the close-out sale of the television series One Tree Hill. It continues to be one of my favorite bags, probably because of the memories of the day purchasing it, but also because it was functional, stylish, and compact unlike my larger, slouchier bags. With the resurgence of the mini bag coming back in shapes other than a perfect rectangle, I couldn't help but pull together some of my favorites below. Plus - most, if not all, are under $100!  

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.54.26 PM.png

A mini satchel bag for casual days out. Perfect with classic denim and a slouchy sweater. 

A little edgy, a little classic, this bag is perfect for a night out with the girls. Pair with high wasted black denim, a muscle tee (with enough room in the arms to show a little lacy bra) tucked into the front, and suede pumps. 

This bag kind of reminds me of a brown paper lunch bag, so I'm calling this perfect for the office. Pair it with palazzo pants, a fitted turtleneck, and kitten heels. 

I actually have a larger saddle bag similar to this mini one, and absolutely love it. It's perfect for polishing a casual look. Read: torn jeans and a striped shirt with flats. 

There's something about faux fur for a fun night out. Pair with a black dress (long or short) and your favorite strappy heels.

Pair this bold colored mini bag with pixie pants and a chambray shirt or an off the shoulder, cotton dress. 

Love the textures and small details of this bag. Perfect with black pants and a flowy white blouse. 

+Which do you want to buy the most right now? I'm obsessed with the mini satchel bag.