This Just In: Tacos

It was love at first bite. 

There's something about tacos I just love. I mean looooove. And it comes as a surprise to no one. They were one of the first things I could still eat after my allergies led me to the gf, v life, and they continue to be one of my celebratory meals alongside a well-made margarita over ice. It's silly, but I find the process of eating with my hands so childlike and fun, going out for tacos with my best friends always seems to lift my spirits. After finding a Taco cookbook this morning I almost 1-clicked to purchase, I couldn't help but pull together some of my favorite taco things on the market right now: 


Go pick up a pair of smoking slippers at Forever 21 and iron this patch on the left shoe and a taco one on the right ... 

I need this party banner in my life. 

Simple and perfect for casual days and messy hair, I bought this hat on Sunday.


V-Day is right around the corner and this is perfect card inspiration

Oh stahhhhhp it. Del is for sure getting this bandana

+ Do you love Tacos? What's your favorite 'trend' food right now?