Weekend Snapshot 1.22.17

Whatta weekend.

This weekend was not a normal weekend by any event. Donald Trump was inaugurated Friday. Millions of men and women organized in the Women's March on Saturday. It started an interesting stream of consciousness from Trump. Saturday I wore jeans for the first time since April 2016 (!!!) in solidarity for the small wins for women during the 60s. We'll see what this week brings us! In other news, tonight decides for us who goes to Super Bowl 51: another year, another bowl game, another great excuse to watch hyped up football, eat too much food, and cry over the latest Budweiser commercial (my favorite from 2014). 

1.  R.S.V.P. Champagne (from Trader Joe's, natch) with my best.
2.  My black jeans from AE.
3.  Seasons 1 & 2 of Shameless (U.S.).

This week I'll be eating a lentil salad inspired by this one; modeling my style after my favorite style icon right now; and reading Celebrate by LC for party inspiration. 

+ How was your weekend? Did you march or stay in? What are you up to this week?