A Hostess Trick of Genius

Easier said than done, but oh so worth it. 

Note from the Editor: This is a new series called Weekly Niceties. It's bits of etiquette, finer details, and an emphasis on infusing class into the 21st century in a non-stodgy way. I was inspired by this week's interior design theme to talk about visitors and houseguests. Cheers! Xx.

A few years ago, I read a trick for being guest-ready in a moments notice, well more like 10 minutes notice, and it is one of the best tricks I have up my sleeve. It goes like this:

To never be caught off guard or stressed by last minute visitors, make sure your home/space is easily picked up and cleaned within 10 minutes. 

It is very simple, but makes a huge difference. My space is usually always clean by this rule and rarely cluttered. I live by the mantra: messy space, messy life, and with this tip, it never becomes a problem. Being ready for last-minute guests also goes hand in hand with my philosophy on always having champagne in the fridge, so win win win. 

+What do you think? Will you try this? 

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