Public Displays of Affection: The Dos and Don'ts

A little goes a looooong way. 

Note from the Editor: This is a new series called Weekly Niceties. It's bits of etiquette, finer details, and an emphasis on infusing class into the 21st century in a non-stodgy way. We seem to be on a bit of a relationship kick lately. Cheers! Xx. 

I've cautioned myself away from this topic because of the many forms PDA can take and the difference in comfortability each person has with his or her own sexuality. Eventually, though, I realized it boils down to a necessary social and situational awareness. There is a significant difference, as I am sure we can all agree, in hand holding or placing a hand at the small of someone's back and groping one's significant other in public. I believe that great love is rarely flaunted publicly but rather shows itself through attentiveness, active listening, trailing gazes, and whispered comments. The emotion and pride underlying each of those actions is demonstration enough of the love one feels for another. It is in that opinion that I follow very simple rules when it comes to public displays of affection:


+ Praise your partner publicly by highlighting their accomplishments, engaging them in conversation, and celebrating their success regardless of how mundane it may be to you. 

+ Hold hands if the situation permits (i.e. maybe not while bowling but definitely when you're at a party or out to dinner).

+ Kiss your partner on the cheek as you leave or sit down beside them if it does not interrupt the conversation or flow of events or cause anyone discomfort at the action.


+ Make out in public spaces in such a manner that it impacts others' ability to talk or move about the area freely. 

+ Grope one another or have sexual intercourse of any kind. 

My opinion is generally along the following lines: if you would be uncomfortable to see someone else do it in front of you, don't do it. Remember that if you're in the midst of a great love, the world will know by the way you talk about them, cherish their existence, and weave them into your life. 

Cheers to rosy affection and timeless loves! Xx. 

+What's your opinion on PDA? Yay or nay? Anything I missed? Let's discuss.

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