Welcoming 2017

To be honest, I don't know how I made it to 2017.

Last year was filled with so much grief, wounds thought healed cut open again, and an abundance of sleepless night. The holidays were infused with some joy but mostly heartache and confusion, and to be honest, the invitation to 2017 didn't seem too promising. That isn't to say there wasn't happiness and joy in 2016, but there was a definitive sadness and finality to it all.

Thankfully, some wonderful things did happened. The blog got a facelift, we grew to be a team, and wonderful connections were made with artisans and entrepreneurs and savvy business women alike. The idea of The Guide expanded from a singular focus to a mission of sorts, and the reach we now have is lovely and continuously growing.

The past few weeks were spent in hopeful recharge, but as we'll talk about through the next couple months, sometimes pushing forward is the best that can be done given the current circumstance. I am eternally grateful to our loyal readers and supporters, and am so thankful to have this little home to share ideas, inspiration, and the pieces that make life worth celebrating.

I look forward to sharing, for my team to share, and to hopefully hear some of your voices on how you make the bad parts good again and the low spirits elevated.

All my love to you.
It's great to be back. XxEmily.